For over 75 years, Ajax Wire Specialty Company has been specializing in the custom design and manufacturing of wire springs, custom springs and spring assortments. Three generations of dedication and expertise has enabled us to serve the vast needs of our customers and proudly receive the Quality Achievement Award.

We specialize in: Ajax Springs

  • Private Labeling
  • Custom packaging
  • Specialty Springs
  • Bar Coding
  • Short Run Packaging
  • Prototypes
  • Custom Designs and Manufacturing

Our catalog includes, extension springs, compression springs, torsion springs and spring assortments. We can produce custom springs and prototypes from material such as brass, galvanized hard drawn, music wire and stainless steel out of round wire. We confidently produce custom springs to your specific requirements. Contact Ajax for all other spring needs.

Ajax Equivalents Available for; Selector A Spring (SAS), Gardner Spring (G) and Century Spring (C). Use prefix before entering the item # in a catalog search.

Equivalents for Lee Spring & Associated Spring are also available by dimensions (input specs)

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